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Macaron Premix 500g

At CAB Foods

Baking macarons is tricky right? Wrong!!
With CAB Foods Macaron Premix the only hard part about baking perfect macarons is not chowing
them all before you can take a good Instagram pic.
To use CAB Foods Macaron Premix is easy as pie, all you have to add is water. Seriously! CAB Foods
Macaron Premix already contains premium almond flower, sugar and all the other magic ingredients
required to achieve marvellous macaron success. Best of all, you can bake Cab Foods Macarons as is,
or add the flavour and colour of your choice for a bit or artistic expression with every batch.
Macarons made with CAB Foods Macaron Premix bakes beautifully smooth with the daintiest feet
and lightest texture to compliment any filling you’d like to add.

Subject to stock availability and price may vary.
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